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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello out there....

I know it's been a while since I've posted. Life has been busy. I have been posting my weekly Wednesday posts over at Our Seven Sisters, but I have been seriously neglecting this blog.One of the reasons is I just don't know what to post here. So,here's what I want to know. What kind of recipes are you looking for? Family favorites, classic comfort food, vegetarian, freezer recipes, low fat, low carb, high fat, high carb, a recipe share day, menu plans?? Let me know what you want out of this blog and I'll try my best to get what you want posted here.

Leave a comment telling me what you are looking for and I'll get to working on it.


  1. Freezer recipes for me! Also low fat.

  2. I definitly need low fat and some freezer recipes would be good. Stuff with fresh ingredients... for the most part :)

  3. Freezer recipes and recipes for ground beef. Ground beef is a crowd pleaser here.

  4. I'd like to hear some of your marinades you put on your chicken when you freeze it. I'm stuck with using the same old ones.